Thursday, February 4, 2010

you’ve got hiPP-ed!

had dinner with a mate and passed by this lil’ shop of fabs called HAUS and found some treasures – stationery! well, they too sell furnitures, interior decors and stuffs, but knowing me. heee. so anyways, i found this really cool australian stationer – they have stationery of all sorts – gift tags, notecards, bags, boxes, photo albums, et cetera, et cetera.
notecards_baroque_gold notecards-lace
note cards! how can anyone resist it!
Style: "Neutral" album_snap_shots_baroque_blue
i got one of these cushiony photo album
cake_baroque_gold pandora_eco_logic
boxes. the eco-pandora box on the right is so noice, innit?
no, this is not a posh coffin.

til then. oh, and not forgetting this…

Sorted_03 bright, bold, beautiful