Wednesday, October 28, 2009

holy moly! eye fink eye just found muh halloween costume!

we have two (2) options this year:

wow51. eye M a comic freaaaakkkkkk!

8953_1_4682.  holy moly goly woly! i told you to bring a partner, but this……!!!

okay, we are still fighting over who should wear that GASP! costume. :/ *rock – paper - scissors*

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a gun for hire

Helmut Newton (1920-2004) was one of the most influential fashion photographers of all time. He achieved international fame in the 1970’s while working principally for French Vogue, and over the next three decades his celebrity and influence continued to grow. Eschewing studios for the most part, Newton preferred to shoot in the streets or in interiors. His mixture of controversial scenarios, bold lighting, and striking compositions came to form his signature look.

Helmut Newton
came into my life five years ago in a pack of very rare set of
notecards by TASCHEN. The black and white image on the box cover just attracts me so. And of course, my knowledge of photography isn’t as great as Mr Fink Harder, but I know what good photography is nonetheless (for me, at least!). Click below for the notecards images.

Okay, I might as well let the photographs do ALL the talking.

Helmut Newton
 once said, “Some people’s photography is an art. Mine is not. If they happen to be exhibited in a gallery or a museum, that’s fine. But that’s not why I do them. I’m a gun for hire.” (Newsweek, 02/02/04)

Who’s the daddy?

Oh yes, a little something for Mr Fink Harder…

HelmutNewton71_i3HelmutNewton79_i3  HelmutNewton76_i1

The incredible Catherine Deneuve, by Helmut Newton. Just for you. *hugs*

Friday, October 16, 2009

shark, cows, and sheep pickled in formaldehyde. and then some paintings.






Who is Damien Hirst? Why is all these animals pickled? Why is his art works simple looking? (but some painstakingly hard to achieve)  Why is he famous? (won the turner prize, UK) (unofficial leader of the Young British Artists movement) and Why is he being slammed by critics this time for his lack luster paintings? but then again, his work was never aesthetically pleasing to start with (in the superficial super art techniques way)  but isn't that the reason why we love him? (flipside to the coin)

There are painters like Francis Bacon, or artist like  Tracy Emin, and however you look at it, you either love it or hate it, we all like the things we like, or maybe what we like are stories behind it, raison d'ĂȘtres’, maybe its the political and the social, the satirical or the sabbatical,  or the sexual, narcissistic, melancholic  aspects of art, perhaps some Van Gough if you like…  even a tiny skeletal findings of a embryonic dinosaur can be called art these days. At the end of the day, however you may feel along your corridors of your abode, what hangs on your wall and what statute on your grounds are what we adore, hopefully… as appose to what we think “is cool”.

So what's this now? Damien Hirst doing just a couple of  “boring” paintings? i think not, he is anything but, controversial? yes. Business minded? surely. Rich? oh yes. create a couple of boring paintings, come up with a couple of rationales to back it up? make a couple or more  million bucks? surely (considering how much those “spot” paintings went. never mind the critics and the reviews, watch his space, this might just go “down” surprisingly well.

“It’s funny. When you’ve been No 1, you can only go down.” – Damien Hirst

Google this : Damien Hirst and see what all the fuss’ about.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Reading about reading

Tired of not knowing what’s out there in the book world? Want to know in-depth stories about writers and their current work? Or what books are around the corner? Bookslut makes selecting your next read easier if not more interesting. Articles and features section are most useful in this sense as they go through book summaries, not the Amazon or back of book way,  but rather giving you a peek into the essence of a book, rather like a personal opinion from its resident contributors. The interview section also boast a long list of authors discussing their work, words, and life.

Oh, by the way, this site has also been named one of the 50 best websites by Time - one of the best literature websites by The New York Times, and has won two Blog Awards.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

it says.. "read me".

let's go green once in a while. read virtual mags.

i promise you there are nice photos. :)