Wednesday, September 16, 2009

best spread in town. We fink.

One would expect this spread will be filled with much advertising, humongous headlines and more columns than we care to read about. Instead it reads more like someone really smart feeding you important current information in and around the car industry without treating you like a complete child. It would also sit handsomely beside you and garner some attention modestly abet the generous size, because frankly, a glossy issue of “Top Gear” or “Car” just makes me slightly ashamed that I actually spent more 10 cups worth of white coffee for a single monthly issue. It will then show you all of its family and friends photos (in this case, cars) and then some, explains to you rather unbiasedly how each and everyone of them are related, came about, and what might their future hold, all rather unbiasedly but at the same time, very justly opinionated.

So yes, Wheels Weekly is fast! It comes every week, and it comes with very good sized photos! We are talking about mostly at least full, if not half off an A3 sized page. The layout is clean, direct, and tasteful, and that also means we’re getting more of what we pay for, its content is relentlessly important and relevant if you’re passionate about the world of automobiles and if you’re not, it drives you to that “place” anyway.

So never mind that cup of white coffee, or going online and typing in keywords, Wheels Weekly serves you indefinitely on that level of wakefulness.

Available in local newsstands and exclusively @

Price: RM3.90 (West Malaysia)

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